Stretch Marks Aren’t Beautiful


Perhaps you have just had a baby and you hate the stretch marks that being pregnant caused. There are other times in life when you will deal with stretch marks too. They can happen during puberty. They can also occur if you are overweight. Stretch marks are the body's way of handling the extra size of the region. For most people, these stretched out skin marks are only temporary since as soon as the extra weight is loss, the marks become very difficult to see, if at all. Yet, for others they stick around

What Are They?

Stretch marks happen whenever the skin is over stretched. This causes the surface of the skin to be unable to develop the natural, normal amounts of collagen in the region. What happens then is that the skin simply gets a scar from the result. In medical terminology, this is called vegetures or sometimes striae. They are generally purple in color or red in some cases. Often times they will be a less bright color especially if they have been in place for some time. Often times, they are soft and are generally noticeable just as a scar would be.

Overcoming Them

If you have stretch marks, you likely would like to do anything possible to get rid of them. The first step is to lose the weight and to do it well. In other words, you'll need to work out and tone this area of your body considerably. You can use a product like cocoa butter applied to the area. Also, dermabrasion is an option. These methods can be highly helpful in improving the overall look of the skin. For those that have lost the weight and are unable to get the stretch marks to fade, another option is to use a laser treatment. The laser treatment allows for the removal of the damaged skin, at a very low level and allows healthy skin to heal over it.

There is no guarantee that you can get rid of the stretch marks, though. You may be able to avoid them by applying essential oils to the skin where they are beginning to show. Many times, they will fade on their own as you age. This is especially true of those stretch marks that develop during puberty. In addition to this, keep in mind that they often happen in areas of the body that are naturally covered.

Sunless Tanning: Good Or Bad?

A sunless tan is one of the best ways to avoid the harmful rays of the sun. But, are all of these products a good choice? Some are not. Some are likely to cause you to deal with all sorts of complications and skin conditions, especially if you have sensitive skin. The tanning bed is not the only option you have to have that deep, dark tan you crave. In fact, you may be able to get a better tan by simply looking around for some natural products or other alternatives.

Don't worry, you do not have to have that orange glow that many of the first products used to produce. Today's products are a better quality and for that they also work very well to produce a natural type of tan. Some o the best bronzer products are available that add a great deal of color to your skin, but the coloring is more normal looking. When choosing these over the counter bronzers, look closely at them. Choose a product that offers a nice tan without the risk of over doing it. You also want to choose a natural bronzer if it is possible to do so. At the very least, you will need a product that contains a moisturizer in it to aid in the skin's ability to have protection from the products.

The other popular option when it comes to choosing a sunless tan option is to use a spray tan booth. These work quite simply. You will walk into the booth, activate the spray and stand still. It sprays both your front and your back for you, giving you an even tan that s very natural looking. This is a fantastic option for those who are hoping for a fast tan that is still good for them.

When choosing any sunless tanning product or spray, be sure that the product is safe o use. You not a quality product otherwise you will get results you are not happy with. In addition to this, exfoliate your skin before you apply the sunless tanning product. This gives your skin a better finished result and will help enable the skin to pick up more of the color. When it comes to getting a tan, you definitely want one, but there is no longer a risk to your skin. Just get out here and allow the tan from a sunless product to work for you.